Write for the site

We’re looking for enthusiastic Boro bloggers to join our team!

The areas we’d like covering are:

• Opinion articles

• Match reviews (please note these are personal thoughts on the game, therefore don’t follow the same structure as a report)

Plus any original pieces fans would like to put forward – such as tactical analysis, insights from the academy, player of the month picks etc.

Why should you write for us?

EverythingMFC is the perfect platform to build up a portfolio and showcase your work across our established social media profiles.

Your articles will be shared on our Twitter and Facebook pages, to attract the readership you deserve.


Get in touch! Email everythingmfc@hotmail.com with a preview piece or an already existing piece so we can take a look at your work.

Please make sure to include your Twitter handle in this as well.

Note: We are looking for writers that can post on a consistent basis – so please bare this in mind when submitting your work.

Thank you and up the Boro!