‘I can’t turn water into wine’ warns Tony Pulis amid fan frustration

Tony Pulis admits he is doing everything in his power to achieve success at the Riverside, but warns supporters that it cannot happen overnight.

Fans have grown increasingly frustrated at Boro’s lacklustre displays in recent weeks and have made their displeasure heard in the stands.

And although Pulis has reiterated their right to express their opinions, the Boro boss was also keen to point out that success cannot be achieved so easily.

This comes after Boro defeated bottom of the table Ipswich Town thanks to goals from Jordan Hugill and Marcus Tavernier.

Boro defeated Ipswich Town 2-0

“It was pleasing,” Pulis said about the victory. “We created a lot of opportunities and if we were more clinical we could have won by a lot more goals.

“People have short memories in football. What we’ve got to understand is that at the beginning of the season, we sold Patrick (Bamford), who was our top scorer last year, and we sold Adama, who was our top creator.

“We tried to get players in of that ilk, even players that we thought we better.

“We had Bolasie, Abraham – we thought we had a chance with that one – so it’s no one’s fault that we couldn’t get those players in. But they were the type of players that we were looking for.

“The lads have just got on with it, they’ve been absolutely fantastic, and we’re in a good position.

“The window opens again soon, we need to try  to add to the squad and if we can improve it then hopefully we’ll have any even better second half of the season.”

The win over a struggling Ipswich side just about lifts the mood on what has been an understandably critical Riverside crowd of late.

Pulis insists the team now need to build on the victory going into the new year.

Tony Pulis

“Supporters will be patient and impatient as results go,” he said. “The important thing is to keep your feet on the ground, whether you’re winning, losing or drawing.

“You’ve got to keep yourself focused on the next game and make sure you put a performance in and keep putting performances in.

“We know where we need to improve, I think it’s pretty obvious. You don’t need a brain surgeon to figure that out.

“We haven’t had the chance to bring what we wanted to in. Whether we can do it in the January window, brilliant. If we can’t, we can’t.

“People may think I can turn water into wine straight away but I can’t do that.

“Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately in the modern game people expect, and they expect, and they expect. I understand it. It’s my life, it’s my job, I’ve been doing this a long time.

“We’ve got to do out best and try to get better players than what we’ve got. I’m not going to take players just to fill spaces up, I won’t do that.”

Martin Braithwaite expressed his desire to leave earlier in the season

The January window will be a busy one for Boro – they not only need to add to their squad, but they also need to sell in order to trim the wage bill.

“There’s players here who joined last year that, for whatever reason, don’t enjoy being at the football club or being in the area.

“I find that extraordinary for them to sign long contracts and then not be happy with the place and everything else.

“It’s a wonderful football club and a lovely place to live. It’s surprised me, it’s knocked me back how nice an area it is. 

“And this football club is a good football club, there’s good people here.

“We’ve got to get plauers who are better than what we’ve got and give everything for this football club, and I’ll try to do that.”

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