Tony Pulis responds to ‘utterly untrue’ claims at Newport

Tony Pulis has rebuffed certain social media claims of player bust up with fans after Boro’s defeat at Newport County and says supporters have the ‘right’ to criticise. 

The Boro boss made it clear that players and coaches alike must show respect to supporters, who have ‘the right’ to criticise.

“I spoke to the players yesterday about it,” he told The Gazette in his Friday morning press conference.

“Irrespective of what reaction you get from the supporters, as I‘ve said before, we are custodians of this football club but we are not here for life. Those supporters are.

“They have been born into supporting this football club and a lot of them their lives revolve around supporting this football club and you have to show them respect, even if you are being criticised.

“I’ve told the players the fans have the right to criticise you. They have the right to say what they want so long as it is done in the right manner.

“I can understand the supporters getting frustrated,” 

“They have travelled 12 hours and stood in the rain for two hours on an open terrace watching their team get beat.

Pulis rebuffed claims of player confrontation in the wake of the Newport County defeat

“I’ve had a chat with the players yesterday and we’ve sorted one or two things out,” he said but he declined to elaborate on whether there had been any disciplinary action.

“As I said, we’ve sorted one or two things out.”

Pulis was particularly unhappy with claims that some players confronted the supporters at the end of the Newport game.

Rumours spread rapidly on social media about an ‘incident’ after the game, but Pulis admits he doesn’t understand the need to write things online that are ‘utterly untrue’.

“I’m too old to be on Twitter and all these things you have on your phone,” he said.

“I don’t understand it and don’t realise how important it is to certain people.

“Speaking to the players there might have been one player who reacted (to the criticism), the others didn’t.

“But what other things have put out there is just beyond me. How people can write stuff that is completely and utterly untrue and not get pulled up on it is astonishing.”

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