Join us for The Big Boro Quiz of the Quarantine this Sunday

EverythingMFC’s podcast The Boro Breakdown is hosting its very own virtual Boro quiz this weekend.

The team will join on Facebook live this Sunday at 7pm for a fun-filled trivia special.

The quiz will be split into three rounds of 10 questions where viewers will have 30 seconds to jot down their answers before each or revealed at the end.


    1. Three rounds of 10 questions
    1. 30 seconds to answer
    1. Answer questions on paper or electronically. NOT IN THE COMMENTS
    1. You can comment about the livestream
    1. Have a pint and a parmo
    1. Submit your score at the end of the quiz
  1. Enjoy the quiz!

Like the Boro Breakdown page on Facebook to be notified when the quiz goes live.

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